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All too often the teams that help a photographer get the image they (I) want so often go uncredited. Indeed rarely are their efforts and input fully appreciated by the people who hopefully enjoy the pictures they are instrumental in helping to create.

If you've enjoyed the images on this website, know that without a talented and hard working bunch of people on set with me, my ambitions to visually engage you would be exceedingly difficult if not impossible.

So, in an effort to address this, whilst I haven't credited the various models or make up artists directly on each individual image (doing this takes away from the shots esthetique) I'll try to make up for it by offering the following.

If you're a photographer or an agency (and can prove it) and you're serious about working with either the make up artist or a model whose work you've seen on my website, just drop me an email citing the specific image, and I'll provide you with the appropriate contact details of the people who worked with me on that shot.

Having said that I'm happy to reveal that a significant number of image sets here were created with the outstanding make up talent of Damian Black (who can be seen above working his magic). Damian is my 'go to' guy for the majority of my recent work. He brings a creativity and commitment to excellence which is difficult to find...two qualities I value most highly.

His contact details can be found here.    I cannot recommend him highly enough.

And when it comes to hair I rely heavily on the huge talents of Yhing Pakkara Pitipathomsin whose willingness to take on a challenge always rewards. She can be seen in the foreground of the picture below and her work is widely featured on throughout my website. Don’t just take my word for it. Check out her Youtube channel here with its 80,000+ subscribers

She can be contacted here -

The models above (clockwise) are as follows - who can be respectfully contacted as detailed below...

Lara Andreeva -

Maria Klepchenko -

Angelina Korn -

Aniwa Ani -

However, despite everything I've said above, when I do my travel and street pictures, getting up at the crack of dawn (often horribly jet lagged) to hopefully get some breathtaking captures, these lazy bastards are nowhere to be seen.

Just sayin' is all ;