I’m a British photographic artist with a passion for trying to create pictures that have the ability to engender a response and hold the attention. In a world where we’re bombarded with photographic images from dawn till dusk, my avowed mission is to engage even the most jaded observer with imagery that maybe surprises, sometimes challenges, occasionally even confuses and often suggests a dark vein of humour and fantasy.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy some of my choices ...if so, then we both win! The pictures on this site are regularly updated.

I’m a self confessed fan of the unusual and, on occasion, the unashamedly quirky. I continuously and relentlessly mine my imagination in an effort to create an eclectic and diverse tableau of work.  I’m also a vigorous proponent of genuine photography as a vehicle of artistic expression. I regard my camera as the true tool of my craft. Accordingly the images presented here are all single exposures created solely in camera with postproduction kept to an absolute minimum.

I also try to avoid at all costs, tiresome photographic tropes regularly offered by the creatively and artistically bankrupt, such as unforgivable black and white pictures of homeless people purporting to be 'art'.............or utterly meaningless, pretentious, self-indulgent still life's masquerading as something deeply relevant

I will occasionally take genuinely interesting commissioned work...which, unsurprisingly, absolutely excludes weddings, Bar Mitzvahas ...or babies! Other than that, if you have challenging project, feel free to contact me....and lets see if we can create something that will make people stop and stare!

And outside of the ‘commercial arena', if you've got a really intriguing idea or a uniquely striking look......maybe I'll shoot for it for fun. Hey, it doesn't hurt to ask....so be brave! Hit me up if you’ve got something genuinley stunning on your mind.

I post on Instagram at @simon_marshall_photography and I also confess to a Facebook Art page at


......and for any curious gearheads out there...I shoot with Sony. The A99, the RX1 and of late, the A7 11.

I can be reached at simonmarshallphotography@yahoo.com